Release: Radio Player v0.9.3 (Desktop Air App)


  • Remove code required for Adobe InMarket licensing and update checker (saved about 0.5MB!)
  • Added BBC World Service (English News) live stream and metadata
  • Added link to this page to ‘check for updates’.
  • Tooltip added – hover over the update icon, and you’ll see the current installed version you have.

Go to the Downloads page to find out how to install the latest version.

Adobe InMarket closes

In August 2011 Adobe announced the end of their InMarket brand – which is how Adobe suggested to Air developers should upload their applications in one location and then it would be syndicated between several app markets – at the time this was Adobe’s own ‘MarketPlace’ and Intel’s ‘AppUp’ platform. Adobe has ended support.

What this means to the RadioPlayer app: nothing! Except that I need to pull out the Adobe license code and the application update cycle stops working (so the app checks to see if it’s the latest version by requesting info from Adobe servers – if there is a later version, it will offer an update to you). That all goes, now I have to manually do that – I may not bother, depends… as not many updates are likely (not because I don’t plan to update it, but because little changes regarding APIs into BBC Radio services)