Open Source for RdioPlyr Adobe Air for Smartphones

So – the intention was to get enough FLEX code together for a prototype release into the community. I’ve now done that – it ain’t pretty… really, it has an awful interface and looks terrible. Also – with the understanding that there are one or two bugs with Adobe Air and playback of audio-only streams right now (mainly on newer Android versions) – there are some gotchas.

If you have the right combo of Android version and Adobe AIR installed – it will play radio content rather well. It’s just an awful UI experience.

But I wanted to release the code to the community, in the hope that those interested individuals might want to pick it up and further develop it.

It’s been enjoyable to develop the Air App on Desktop first, and then see how that translates over into the mobile space. (If anyone asks for the Desktop AIR App code it is also available for anyone that wishes to improve it.)

Here is the source code for the Mobile Air App – you will need something to compile the Flex and package it correctly.

This prototype is also available on Google Play for Android devices – should you want to play with it.


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