Release: Radio Player App v0.9.6 (Desktop Air App)

The images associated with every programme episode stopped working due to changes at the BBC’s website. I’ve fixed it temporarily and hope this works ongoing.

New package with the latest Air SDK – resulting in much smaller footprint (smaller file).

If you notice any ‘hangs’ when starting the program please comment on the downloads page (or on the support page).

Go to the Downloads page to get it now. If you have problems installing – uninstall the existing application first.

Release: Radio Player v0.9.3 (Desktop Air App)


  • Remove code required for Adobe InMarket licensing and update checker (saved about 0.5MB!)
  • Added BBC World Service (English News) live stream and metadata
  • Added link to this page to ‘check for updates’.
  • Tooltip added – hover over the update icon, and you’ll see the current installed version you have.

Go to the Downloads page to find out how to install the latest version.