Currently the AIR App is available, there is no additional help provided here because it should be straightforward to use.

However – if you have any queries do head over to the support forum at ‘Get Satisfaction’…

9 thoughts on “Support”

  1. why id BBC World Service not included on the player? It was the main reason I downloaded the app, but it is not on here. 🙁

    1. I can add things to the app – which World Service channels were you looking for? (Or do you just mean the general English-speaking World Service Radio channel?)

    2. Well it works fine for me, I get radio 3 ; the lot really, which is good since my desktop gadget in W7 a BBC radio player cannot get some of the BBC channels now and previous to this one had to listen via the web browser, so I’m quite happy with this Air application and its operation. Though I expect with the BBC cutbacks there will be changes, I heard the Asian network was for the chop along with a few other digital channels. Why you can’t get WS where you are I can’t say, failing anything else go to the web page and listen online from there. Though do keep trying.

    3. World Service added to the app, along with a few other ‘under the bonnet’ tweaks to get rid of the Adobe InMarket stuff. – v0.9.3

      Visit the Download page to go get it. (sorry – not as seamless as it used to be – working on that!)

  2. I recently went to reload my OS ubuntu 12.04.1 and now I can’t get the radio app to install. The message says

    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.

    Adobe air 2.6 is installed as before but now it just does not work.

    I think its looking for a date which puts it into the area of Air 3 so I suppose since there is no support I’ll have to dump it, shame by turning down Linux ubuntu users you turn down a potential 18 million users in europe alone! Shame that it was a good App.

    Just downloaded iplayer desktop it dose the same thing + shows live TV, just a large interface though, I would have rather had the Radio app.

  3. its a license and date issue the maker just has not bothered to fix it and published it without a valid license and the wrong dates, so Air cant connect to validate.

  4. Actually – it’s as much to do with the various versions of Air as it was the Certificate. Compounded by the issue created by Adobe Marketplace closing down. There was a fair bit to clear up in the code.

    Plus the problems around Flex and the IDE to build it changed.

    Also – Air isn’t really going to help with the Linux issue.

    Having said that, I think I’ve finally managed to get it to recompile – though I probably will self-sign as it’s not worth another paid certificate as we don’t need it. (Assuming you trust me!)

  5. New repackaged version 0.9.5 now available for the Desktop Air app. Check the Downloads page for install details.

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